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Is your organization operating at its full potential?

Transform Your Executive Leadership and Board of Directors into Strategic Assets, Partner with Our Consulting Firm for Comprehensive Excellence!

Unlock unparalleled growth and effectiveness by leveraging our expertise in executive leadership and board assessments, skills matrix development, leadership development strategies, training programs, and impact tracking tools, including individual and team performance assessments.

We specialize in empowering organizations like yours to assemble a dynamic team of visionaries, strategists, and experts who can guide you toward success.


Our Services

  • What We Do

    Our team helps you elevate your organization's leadership and strategic direction with a leadership team and board of directors that delivers results.

  • Building the Best Board

    Collaborate with us to create a customized board skills matrix, ensuring you have the right expertise in the boardroom. Identify gaps in backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives, and find the talent you need to execute strategic objectives.

  • Leadership and Board Development

    Benefit from our proven strategies to enhance leadership dynamics, governance, and board performance and engagement.

  • Training Programs

    Equip your organization with the knowledge and skills they need to excel through our customized training programs.

  • Impact Tracking Tools

    Access cutting-edge tools to measure and track the impact of decisions made by your executive leadership and board on your organization's success.

  • Individual & Team Performance Assessments

    Assess the performance of individual leaders and board members and evaluate the effectiveness of leadership teams and the board.

  • Organizational Assessment

    Gain insights into your executive leadership and board's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through our comprehensive assessments.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We work with you over time to refine and optimize your organization for ongoing success.


Meet Our Team

Michele M. McGowan

Michele M. McGowan

| 570-760-6619

Michele is a Co-Founder of Commonweal Consulting Group. She earned a Doctor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Science in Taxation from King's College, and double Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Chemistry-Business from the University of Scranton. She is a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania and a Healthcare Financial Management Association Fellow.

She has extensive board service within the following organizations:

  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration
  • Mercy Hospital Healthcare Foundation
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Northeast Pennsylvania Healthcare Foundation
  • Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society
  • Wyoming Valley Montessori School

She is also active as an academic, teaching courses in healthcare administration and accounting. Before joining academia, she had over 20 years of diverse experience in the hospitality and insurance industries.


Leo A. McGowan

Leo A. McGowan

| 570-760-6618

Leo is a Co-Founder of Commonweal Consulting Group. He graduated from King's College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer & Information Systems, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and a Master of Science in Finance.

He has extensive board service within the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund and the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. He has also served on numerous advisory boards. Leo was also a Principal at Aelaric, an IT consulting and design firm providing innovative solutions to the healthcare and transportation industries. Leo was previously employed in the cable television, banking, telecommunication, and healthcare industries in various assignments involving extensive domestic and international travel.


About Us


Our consulting business is born from a profound passion for the nonprofit sector.

As founders with extensive experience in nonprofit organizations, we have not only served on boards and held leadership positions but have also played an active role in providing crucial funding to support their missions. Through this journey, we've recognized a crucial gap in the sector - the need for comprehensive staff and board assessment, training, mentoring, and coaching.

Our unique perspective, forged from witnessing well-intentioned individuals struggle with understanding their roles, functioning as effective stewards, and maximizing their impact within these organizations, fuels our inspiration. We're committed to empowering organizations to reach their full potential.

At Commonweal Consulting Group, we aim to empower executive directors and boards with the essential tools and expertise to elevate organizational effectiveness and amplify mission impact. We are committed to fostering a culture of strategic leadership, collaboration, and continuous learning, enabling nonprofits and institutions to thrive in their pursuit of creating positive and lasting change in their communities and the world.

  • Empowerment
    We believe in equipping leaders with the knowledge, resources, and guidance to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change within their organizations.

  • Excellence
    We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services, research, and support that align with our clients' evolving needs and challenges.

  • Collaboration
    We recognize that meaningful impact is achieved through collaboration, and we actively foster partnerships among organizations, boards, and executive teams to maximize their collective potential.

  • Innovation
    We are committed to staying at the forefront of best practices, leveraging innovative technologies, and exploring new approaches to address the complex challenges facing nonprofits and institutions today.

  • Ethical Leadership
    We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and transparency in all our interactions and encourage our clients to do the same in pursuit of their missions.

Our vision is to cultivate a global landscape where nonprofit organizations, foundations, and institutions are equipped with the knowledge and tools to achieve their missions effectively and form a collective force that drives positive and enduring change in society.

We envision a world where executive directors and boards, empowered by our guidance, collaboration, and innovation, become dynamic agents of transformation. Together, we aspire to reshape the future, fostering a world where every community and cause thrives.

At Commonweal Consulting Group, we are dedicated to making this vision a reality by igniting the potential of organizations and their leaders to create a profound and lasting impact on the world we share.


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